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Teletech is a specialist when it comes to interpretation systems. We have been renting out AV equipment for meetings, conferences and events for more than 35 years and are also a BOSCH dealer.

BOSCH Dicentis interpretation unit - Rent an interpretation system at Teletech today.

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Hire professional BOSCH receivers for interpretation systems.

Buy a professional BOSCH interpretation system

With us you can buy the latest BOSCH simultaneous interpretation equipment.

We have many years of experience in renting out and selling interpretation systems and can advise you in relation to your needs. We sell the entire line of BOSCH interpretation systems, including units for installations, if you e.g. need the equipment to be part of a permanent installation. With us you can e.g. buy:

• Interpreter microphones (and participant microphones) • Wireless receivers • Headphones • APS control units • Flush mount microphones

Delegate microphones

Of course, you can also buy BOSCH delegate microphones from us.

Along with the interpretation system, microphones are most often also used in the room where the interpretation system is set up. We sell the entire line of professional BOSCH delegate microphones.

Rent an interpretation system at Teletech

BOSCH Flush mounts

We also sell the BOSCH Dicentis flush mount microphone line for permanent installations.

Dicentis flush mount units give you all the functionality from the Dicentis line, just as built-in units. It's nice design combined with many useful tools, such as a color screen with e.g. speaker list, NFC card reader for participant identification, built-in voting system, channel selector (choice of language) etc. Contact us to hear more about the various flush mount devices and their functions.

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Buy interpretation equipment from Teletech today

We sell the entire line of BOSCH professional interpretation systems.

BOSCH headphones for interpretation systems
BOSCH Dicentis interpretation unit - Rent an interpretation system at Teletech today.
Interpreter desk
Rent professional interpreter boothes at Teletech today.
Interpreter booths
Infrared BOSCH rays
APS Control Unit

Buy microphones for meeting participants and speakers

Delegate microphone
Delegate microphone
Flush mounts
Wireless microphones
Headset microphone

Teletech is an official BOSCH Security Systems Dealer.

We can provide professional advice on renting or purchasing BOSCH meeting equipment.

Buy Tourguide system

Buy Sennheiser tourguide systems at Teletech.

For many years, we have both rented out and sold Sennheiser tourguide systems. By us you can buy:

• Sennheiser charging cases
• Wireless receivers (stethosets)
• Wireless microphones

The tourguide systems consist of

Charging case
Headset microphone
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We are a member of Congress Rental Network (CRN)

CRN consists of professional suppliers of BOSCH meeting equipment, AV equipment and certified BOSCH technicians worldwide.

Buy AV equipment together with your interpretation system:

Teletech both leases and sells many types of AV equipment, so if you need to use other equipment in conjunction with interpretation systems, please contact us about this.

Interpretation systems

We supply professional interpreting systems with up to 31 languages ​​+ sound from speakers (floor). Simultaneous interpretation is the most used form of interpretation at meetings and conferences. Meeting participants use wireless receivers and headphones to follow the speaker's speech. The interpretation boxes are most often placed at the back of the room (in case of lack of space in adjacent rooms equipped with video feed).

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Remote interpretation system
Please note that we can also provide a solution for remote interpretation. Remote interpreting means that the interpreters do not need to be physically present at your conference, but can interpret for it via the Internet. This also means that there is no need for interpreter boxes at the venue itself. The system also includes options for remote participants and presenters, as well as various digital meeting tools.

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AI interpretation
Vha. remote interpretation system, we also offer interpretation using AI in the form of text-to-speech in many languages.

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Tour guide system
A tour guide system (also called a whisper interpreting system) is ideal to hire if a small group needs interpretation. The equipment is used e.g. on tours or at smaller meetings where interpreter boxes are not necessary. The interpreter interprets via a wireless microphone and the participants each have a headphone (stethoset) with a built-in channel selector. We rent Sennheiser systems in high quality.

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Remote interpretation

Remote simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) means that the interpreters, who would otherwise traditionally be present at the venue itself, can now instead interpret to the meeting participants over the Internet via our special software. The interpreters can therefore be located all over the world. This means less travel time for the interpreters and that no interpreter booths are needed at the venue.

AI interpretation
Vha. remote interpretation system, we also offer interpretation using AI in the form of text-to-speech in many languages.

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In interaction with traditional interpretation systems, via app and PC
The system can work in interaction with our professional BOSCH interpretation systems, so that meeting participants use the traditional receivers and headphones. However, mobile phones and participants' own headphones can also be used as receivers via a dedicated mobile app.

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Tourguide systems

With us you can rent Sennheiser tourguide systems. The system is a portable system that is used when a small group needs interpretation or a guided tour.

The equipment is used e.g. for guided tours or for interpretation, where interpreter booths are not necessary. Here the interpreter has a microphone and the participants each a headphone (stethoset) with a built-in channel selector.

When using a tourguide system no interpreter booth is needed. A tourguide system can therefore be a good alternative to simultaneous interpretation at smaller meetings. We rent out high-quality Sennheiser tourguide systems.

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Hybrid & Live streaming

Live streaming
We offer professional streaming solutions between one or more venues, as well as streaming for online participants and online presenters. Our solution includes one or more cameras (both manual and remote controlled). It is also possible to make digital signage (name of presenter etc.), image transitions, logo placement, etc., depending on how advanced a streaming production you want. We also offer split screen effect, where the presenter and e.g. PowerPoint presentation is displayed side by side.

Hybrid meetings
In hybrid meetings, some participate physically while others participate online. We offer both streaming and installation and operation of AV equipment at the physical venue. Our solutions for hybrid meetings can be tailored to suit your exact needs. Typically, we create an AV solution that includes both a streaming production, as well as AV setup and operation of AV equipment (and interpreting equipment if necessary) at the physical venue.

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Screens & LED walls

We rent out flat screens , projectors and LED walls and can help you get your content presented in the right way. We supply everything from the small solution with rental of a single flat screen (on a stand or wall mounted) or projector, to larger solutions for live presentations with e.g. multiple cameras and powerful AV projectors and LED walls.

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Streaming with vMix
For several years we have delivered live streaming solutions where the live streaming software vMix is ​​a fixed component. With vMix, our AV technicians can create the perfect image production for your event. Call us and hear more about the options for your streaming task.

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Light creates atmosphere and is therefore a must at most events, whether it is effect spots along the walls or stage lighting.

We rent out everything from wireless LED spots with lights in all colors to followspots for speakers and spots / lamps that are mounted on stands or a truss in the ceiling. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need ideas for using lighting at your event.

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Sound equipment

Teletech supplies sound equipment in several different sizes adapted to the room and the size of the audience. A typical sound system includes loudspeakers, mixer and/or amplifier.

We offer loudspeaker systems for everything from large conference halls to PA systems for smaller bands or performers. You can also rent loudspeakers for receptions, parties and similar events.

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If you need a stage for your meeting, conference or event, we are capable of delivering stage podiums from the Bütec brand. The stage modules can be put together in many ways and covered with carpet and skirting.

We have experience with many types of setups, e.g. catwalks and band stages etc. You can also have customized backdrops made consisting of large prints mounted on a wooden frame or use an LED wall as a digital backdrop and live presentation surface.

Contact us today and we will create a customised stage solution for your meeting or conference.

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Conference Microphones
For meetings and conferences, Teletech rents out and sells delegate microphones and interpreter desks from the BOSCH. The microphones are known worldwide and comply with the current ISO certification.
Furthermore, the design is suitable for any meeting situation. We rent out both wired and wireless devices.
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Other types of microphones
In addition, you can also rent several other types of microphones, such as lectern microphones, wireless hand-held microphones (for e.g. questions from the audience) and lapel clips microphones and headset microphones for speakers etc.
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Several ways to vote
Teletech rents out the keypad based system IVS Lite as well as systems for SMS voting and interaction. In addition, several of our microphone systems also offer parliamentary voting .  Use voting as a useful tool at conferences, general assemblies, meetings etc.

IVS - Interactive voting system
The IVS system consists of lightweight voting units that are handed out to the participants. The results can be integrated into the speakers' presentation and offer several forms of visualization. The system is easy to use and we set it up according to your wishes, before your event.

SMS or Browser-based voting
We also offer opinion collection via SMS, which can be viewed live on e.g. big screen. If you need browser-based voting for participants who are not physically present, we also offer a system for this.

Voting via BOSCH conference microphones
Several of our microphones from BOSH also offer parliamentary voting via the microphone unit itself.

Voting in connection with the use of a remote interpretation system
If remote interpretation is used at your event, the system also offers the option of online voting.

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AV accessories

In addition to the right AV equipment, a good presentation also includes the necessary AV accessories for presenters. This will typically be the well-known remote controls / laser pointers for presentations, lecterns (with or without screen), speaking time management and comfort monitors. In addition, we rent out e.g. also stage podiums, stage furniture, poster boards, flipcharts with markers, etc.

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AV technicians

Our skilled AV technicians & project managers make your event a success. Before your event, we listen to your visions and can quickly make an analysis of your needs.

We can be part of the planning phase, just as we are available during the conference itself. For larger events, a project manager can be appointed who is involved from start to finish. Initially, and if needed, planning meetings and site inspections can be held, in order to provide the best technical advice to you.

Guide: AV project management

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BOSCH Dicentis microphones used at conference

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You are also welcome to call us on +45 4492 9800 with questions or inquiries. Teletech - total supplier of AV equipment & interpretation systems.

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We have many years of experience in renting and selling interpretation equipment and can advise you in relation to your needs. We sell the entire line of BOSCH interpretation systems including units for installation, if you e.g. must use the facility as part of a fixed installation.