Rental, sales and delivery conditions

Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S' sales and delivery conditions follow applicable legislation, where these are not specifically deviated from by agreement or the conditions mentioned below. 1. Offer If Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S makes an offer that does not specify a specific acceptance period, the offer will lapse if acceptance has not been received no later than 4 weeks from the date of the offer. 2. Cancellation In case of cancellation of an order on the day on which the delivery was to take place, Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S reserves the right to invoice the customer 100% of the agreed price. In case of cancellation of an order the day before the delivery was to take place, Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S reserves the right to invoice the customer 50% of the agreed price. If an order is canceled two to five business days before delivery, Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S reserves the right to invoice the customer 25% of the agreed price. If a cancellation is made on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the cancellation is only considered to have been received on the next working day. 3. Price All prices are in Danish kroner and exclude VAT. The customer is obliged, until the delivery, to accept changes in the price as a result of documented increased costs for Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S as a result of changes in customs, taxes, duties, etc. regarding the agreed delivery. According to pay by link, the amount is deducted from the customer's account when the item has been dispatched or the task has been completed. 4. Delivery Delivery is made to the customer's address unless otherwise agreed. Teletech KonferenceKomunikation A/S manages the transport incl. insurance to and from the place of delivery, unless otherwise agreed. 5. Packaging Equipment is sold in packaged form unless otherwise agreed. The packaging can only be returned by separate agreement. 6. Product information Drawings, specifications and the like, which are provided by Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S or after the conclusion of the agreement, remain the property of Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S and may not be passed on without written agreement or otherwise misused. 7. Product changes Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S reserves the right to make necessary changes in agreed specifications without notice if the implementation of the order requires this. 8. Defects and complaints 8.1 – Upon delivery, the customer must immediately carry out such an examination of the equipment as proper business use requires. 8.2 – If the customer wants to claim a defect, it must, immediately after the defect is or should have been discovered, notify Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S in writing, and state what the defect consists of. If the customer has discovered or should have discovered the defect, and he does not complain as stated, he cannot later claim the defect. 8.3 – At the customer's choice, deficiencies will be remedied or the equipment will be re-delivered. 8.4 – If rectification or redelivery in accordance with point 8.3 does not occur within a reasonable time, the customer is entitled, subject to the general rules of Danish law as well as these rental, sales and delivery conditions, to cancel the agreement, demand a refusal of the rental/purchase price or demand compensation . 8.5 – If the customer has not claimed the defect to Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S within 6 months after the delivery date of the sold equipment, the customer cannot later claim it. When renting equipment, the customer must notify Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S immediately after the defect is, or should have been, discovered. For parts that have been replaced or repaired, cf. 8.3, Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S undertakes the same obligations that apply to the originally sold equipment for a period of 6 months, however, such that Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S liability for defects cannot be extended for any part of the sold equipment to more than 1 years from the original delivery date. 8.6 – Changes to or intervention in the equipment without Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S written consent exempts Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S from any obligation. 9. Return of equipment 9.1 – The rented equipment is returned in the same condition as it was received. Upon return, the equipment must be examined by Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S. If it is found that the equipment is in a worse condition upon return, Teletech reserves the right to invoice the customer for repair or replacement of the equipment in question. In the event of lost equipment, Teletech reserves the right to invoice the customer at the current daily price. 9.2 – In cases where the customer is entitled to cancel the transaction, or if the sold equipment is returned to Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S for the purpose of exchange or rectification of defects, the equipment must be sent in original packaging and at the customer's expense and risk. To the extent that Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S incurs shipping costs, etc., Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S is entitled to claim these reimbursed by the customer and offset these against the customer's possible claims against Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S. After completed repair or exchange, the customer is obliged to pick up the repaired or exchanged item at Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S at their own expense and risk. 10. Transfer of rights and duties Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S is entitled to transfer all rights and duties pursuant to the agreement to third parties. 11. Legal name Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S Generatorvej 9 2860 Søborg 12. Disputes Any disagreement between the parties will be settled by the courts according to Danish law.

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