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With us as your supplier, your meeting, conference or event is in good hands.

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We rent out almost all types of AV equipment and create tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Teletech udlejer professionelle projektorer

Solutions for meetings and conferences with av-equipment and interpretation equipment

For conferences

We sell professional av-equipment and interpretation equipment and can make permanent installations

Sales & Installations

With our AV Guides you can quickly gain knowledge and focus on your av-needs.

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Knowledge ressources about av- & interpretation equipment

Download our free guides to get a better understanding of AV- and Interpretation equipment

Download our guides:

Interpretation guide

What do you need to know when booking interpretation equipment and tourguide systems? Download our free guide to learn more.

Voting guide

How can voting systems involve your meeting delegates? Download our free guide and learn more.

Streaming guide

What do you need to know in order to plan a successful streaming event. Download our free guide and learn more.

Guide about video conferencing

Read about the use of professional video conferencing equipment. Download our free guide to learn more.

Guide about screens & projectors

Read about using screens and projectors at meetings, conferences and events. Download our free guide to learn more.

Project Management

Read about project management for meetings, conferences & events.

AV-equipment for events

Read about which type of equipment that will typically be used at events? Download our free guide.
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Congress Rental Network & BOSCH Security Systems Dealer

Two things that ensure a professional solution

CRN consists of professional suppliers of BOSCH conference equipment, AV-equipment and certified technicians worldwide.

We are a founding member and have a good working relationship with the other members, ensuring equipment and quality.

Teletech is an official and certified BOSCH Security Systems Dealer.

This ensures professional advice regarding BOSCH products and the correct rental price.

Working with us means:

Technical project management - how do we get from A - B?

Site inspection - where will the equipment be used?

Project meetings - to cover all details

The right price - a large network secures this

New and professionel equipment - ensures stability

Competent technicians - with years of experience

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