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We rent out almost all types of AV equipment and create tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Teletech udlejer professionelle projektorer

Solutions for meetings and conferences with av-equipment and interpretation equipment

For conferences
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Teletech Conference Equipment

At Teletech we are specialists in delivering conference equipment. We deliver total solutions consisting of many types of av-equipment and professional Bosch interpretation equipment for meetings and conferences.

In the menu below you can read more about the most usual types of equipment we deliver for meetings and conferences:

Microphones for your meeting & conference

We rent and sell conference microphones from BOSCH and wireless handheld and clip-on microphones from, among others, Shure and Sennheiser
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For meetings and conferences Teletech provides delegate microphones and interpreter microphones from BOSCH.

The microphones are recognized worldwide for their excelence and meet the existing ISO certification. Furthermore they are designed to fit any meeting situation. We offer both wired and wireless devices.

In addition, we also offer several other microphone types, such as lectern microphones, wireless handheld microphones for Q&A, clip and headset microphones for presenters etc.

Vi er en kreditværdig virksomhed baseret på Bisnodes kreditvurderingssystem. Vurderingen er foretaget ud fra en mængde forskellige beslutningsregler. Oplysningerne bliver opdateret dagligt via Bisnodes database. Kreditvurderingen af virksomheden er således altid aktuel.

This is how the microphones are used

BOSCH microphones for meetings & conferences


Integrates sound, images and presentations. Access to shared files and video material and voting via color screen.


Wireless system with speaker list and voting via touch screen. Can be configured via computer / tablet.


DCN D microphones are available in different versions, some of which offers voting via five buttons on the device.

CCS 1000 D

The CCS 1000D system offers a complete conference system with built-in MP3 recording and playback. Sessions are stored easily on the USB stick.

CCS 900

The CCS 900 system offers a complete conference system with built-in MP3 recording and playback. Sessions are stored easily on SD card.


High profile microphone, offering voting function. Also available with channel selector.


Available in wireless or wired version and with single / dual channel selector.

Interpreter Desk DCN

In the interpreters booths the interpreters a more advanced microphone specially designed for the interpreter’s work.

Interpreter Desk Dicentis

In the interpreters booths the interpreters a more advanced microphone specially designed for the interpreter’s work.


Built-in units for fixed installations with many features, such as voting, channel selector etc.

See the latest BOSCH Dicentis interpreter desk

Andre typer mikrofoner

Sennheiser beltpack with clip on microphones

For the speaker, who needs to move around on stage or in the meeting room.

Sennheiser handheld microphones

Used for questions from the audience during the conference or on a tripod.

DPA Headset

Ideal for speakers who want greater freedom of movement, but still crystal clear sound to the interpreters / audience.

Sennheiser Gooseneck

The microphone can either be mounted on a floor stand or table stand and used wired or wirelessly.

Sennheiser table stand

The gooseneck microphone is easily installed on the table stand.

Sennheiser floor stand

The floor stand is elegant and is mostly used wirelessly. Is typically used in connection with VIP events or the like.

Microphone stands

Teletech rents out many different types of microphone stands.


Funny microphone that can be thrown around among the audience for interaction.

Rent your microphones at Teletech

Lej dit mikrofonsystem hos os

What our clients say


Henrik W. Nielsen - Direktør - Sølyst - Den Kongelige Skydebane

As a client at Teletech, we always experience a quick response. Delivery on time and equipment that works.

When we need support in a sudden situation, there is always one on the mobile phone who can help and we have never been with customers who have not been able to deliver their presentations.


Bolette Hvalsøe Boe Hansen - Direktør i Mogens Dahl Koncertsal

Mogens Koncertsal (https://mogensdahl.dk/) has worked with Teletech for many years. The collaboration with Teletech is based on trustful dialogue with respect for the good cooperation which ultimately always results in professional av-service in Mogens Dahl Concert Hall. Mogens Dahl Concert Hall will at all times recommend Teletech.


Fonden Samrådet – International Autisme Konference

Samrådet (http://samraadet.org/) has held the International Autism Conference (https://www.skivekonferencen.dk/) for the last 30 years. Teletech delivers equipment for the entire conference. They provide a sublime service, our 600 - 1000 guests always express, we provide a good service - also with technical equipment and interpretation. As organizers, we feel safe and have full confidence that everything works. Teletech has been our regular partner for 27 years, they have always delivered a solid solution adapted to our needs.

Contact us today regarding your event

Jesper Nielsen

Head of sales and rentals

Peter Krumbach

Project Manager

Direktør i Teletech - Jan Reuther.

Jan Reuther


Tobias Brask Reuther


Send us your request

Cases – Microphones


UN COP 18, Doha, Qatar
NATO PA, Prague, Czech Republic
UN COP 11, Convention in
Biological Diversity, Hyderabad, India
FSB, Denmark
UN Food and Agriculture
Organization, Svalbard, Norway
Nato Summit, Bucharest, Romania
Cosac Meeting 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark
European Summit of Regions
& Cities, Denmark
EU Presidency 2012, Denmark
UN COP17, South Africa
UN Global Partnership for
Education, Copenhagen, Denmark
G20 Cannes Summit, France
G8 Summit, Deauville, France
Nato Summit, Sofia, Denmark

Konference i Bella Center, Denmark
ICC, Greenland
Swedish Tax Department, Sweden
European Conference, Denmark
NATO PA, Riga, Latvia
NATO, Tallin, Estonia
UN COP15 - UN Climate
Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark
UN Road to Copenhagen, Barcelona, Spain
Nato PA, Edinburgh, Scotland
IOC, Bella Center, Denmark
Asian Forum, Thailand
Smart Green Growth, Denmark
Dalai Lhama, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dalai Lhama, Bella Center, Denmark
NATO Summit
European Development Days, Sweden
Klima & Energiministeriet, Denmark

Skov & Naturstyrelsen, Denmark
OSCE Head of State, Helsinki, Finland
Autism Conference, Krabbehus, Denmark
CCIB Conference Barcelona, Spain
Primetech, Madrid, Spain
FDE, Stockholm, Sweden
N 21, Budapest, Hungary
10th CEN-SAD Conference,
Cotonou, Benin
World Economic Forum, St.
Petersburg, Russia
SKAT, Denmark

Get to know Teletech in three minutes

Congress Rental Network & BOSCH Security Systems Dealer

Two things that ensure a professional solution

CRN consists of professional suppliers of BOSCH conference equipment, AV-equipment and certified technicians worldwide.

We are a founding member and have a good working relationship with the other members, ensuring equipment and quality.

Teletech is an official and certified BOSCH Security Systems Dealer.

This ensures professional advice regarding BOSCH products and the correct rental price.

Working with us means:

Technical project management - how do we get from A - B?

Site inspection - where will the equipment be used?

Project meetings - to cover all details

The right price - a large network secures this

New and professionel equipment - ensures stability

Competent technicians - with years of experience

Contact us about your next meeting, conference or event

If you need BOSCH interpretation- and av-equipment, don't hesitate to contact us

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