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We rent out almost all types of AV equipment and create tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Teletech udlejer professionelle projektorer

Solutions for meetings and conferences with av-equipment and interpretation equipment

For conferences
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Teletech AV-equipment

At Teletech we are specialists in renting out av-equipment. On a daily basis our av-technicians and av-project managers provide professional solutions for our clients. You can rent and buy av-equipment from us and we can provide solutions customized to your need.

In the menu below you can read more about the most usual types of av-equipment we deliver:

News! Use Teletech’s Interpreter Hub

Now you can interpret from a professional interpreter booth for your RSI assignments right here at Teletech. Call us for more information on +45 4492 9800 today.

You can interpret from a professional booth

Perfect for your RSI assignments

Remote interpretation and virtual meeting tools for
conferences, meetings and events

Teletech offers a system for remote interpretation and virtual meetings. Interpreters can interpret to your event over the Internet and the system can also be used for remote speakers and remote participants etc.

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Remote Interpretation og virtual meeting tools from Teletech
We are proud to be one of the first companies in Denmark to offer a system dedicated to remote interpretation. Remote interpretation means that the interpreters who would normally be present at the venue itself, now instead can interpret to the participants over the Internet through our special software. The interpreters can therefore be located all over the world. This means less travel time for the interpreters and that no interpretation booths are required on the venue.

In interaction with traditional interpreter or via app and pc
The system can work in connection with our professional BOSCH interpretation systems, so meeting participants use traditional receivers and headphones. However, mobile phones and participants’ own headphones can also be used as receivers via a dedicated app.

Remote participants and Remote speakers via app or pc
Participants who are unable to attend the event can log in and follow in the presentations live via the dedicated app or pc with special software. This means that you can get more participants to your event, even though they are not physically present at the venue. Similarly, remote speakers can also use the system’s software to speak to your event, from a remote destination.

Streaming of the speakers presentations to the remote interpreters
Teletech provides professional live streaming of speakers and presentations via the system, which is passed on to the remote interpreters around the world. Via this stream they can see and hear the presenters clearly and interpret back to the event – almost as if they were present at the venue.

Services for interpreters at Teletech’s office building
If you are a remote interpreter in Denmark and want a professional interpreter booth to interpret from to event abroad, you can now rent and interpret directly from our interpreter booths in our office building.

Remote Meeting & Interpretation System

A remote and easy to use system for any conference, meeting or event

Teletech offers a system dedicated to remote interpretation. Remote interpretation means that the interpreters who would normally be present at the venue itself, can now interpret to the participants over the Internet. The interpreters can be located all over the world. This means less travel time for the interpreters and that no interpretation booths at the venue. The delegates listen to the remote interpreting with smart devices or can use traditional radio/IR headphones. Please also notice that the system also allows for remote speakers and participants.

Press conferences
It is easy to supply professional simultaneous interpretation for press conferences with the system. Interpreters can be booked from all over the world and a short notice. You can have as many languages as you require and there is no need for interpreter booths in the room. The participants can use traditional receivers or their smart devices to listen in on their interpreted language. Please also notice that the system also allows for remote speakers and participants.

Board meetings & smaller meetings
The system can be used at any type of meeting. For example, at board meetings where there is the need for interpretation to participants from different countries. The system also allows for remote speakers to participate. Again, there is no need for interpreter booths.

Panel discussions
At panel discussions the system can operate with as many languages as required. Here the remote interpreters interpret to the participants in the panel, so that they can listen to the discussion and participate in their own language. All meeting participants can be active during the meeting via their laptop or smart device. Teletech can provide video coverage of the meetings, sound systems and stream presentations to the participants as well.

Seminars, workshops and teaching
At seminars, workshops etc. it is important that knowledge is shared in the right way. Therefore, it can also be advantageous for lecturers and lecturers to teach in their own language and easily have this interpreted to the participants.

Online meetings and video conferencing
The system can also facilitate pure online meetings. Here the participants use their laptop or smart device to participate. The system also allows for integration of well-known videoconferencing platforms, so it is very flexible.

The system is developed on the backbone of one of the largest telecommunications providers / Automatic line monitoring and auto-reconnect in the event of the Internet connection being interrupted / HD video of the speaker for the interpreters, at 720p resolution / Easy integration with existing cameras on site and simple switch between video channels / Full bandwidth (20 Hz – 20kHz) audio at 48kHz sample rate; this is among the highest on the market and provides crystal-clear sound for the interpreters / Compatible with traditional audio equipment and software: Dante, Bosch, Sennheiser, etc. / Lip sync: sound and image are fully synchronized / Large-scale events: thousands of users at one or many locations can be connected simultaneously.

Vi er en kreditværdig virksomhed baseret på Bisnodes kreditvurderingssystem. Vurderingen er foretaget ud fra en mængde forskellige beslutningsregler. Oplysningerne bliver opdateret dagligt via Bisnodes database. Kreditvurderingen af virksomheden er således altid aktuel.

The system can easily be adjusted to your needs

Teletech can easily adjust the system to suit everything from the small meetings to large conferences where remote interpretation, remote participation and remote speakers and more is needed.

Simple setup

Simple setup 2

Intermediate setup

Complex setup


Flexibility – Teletech can quickly adjust the system

Time and shipping – You save time and have less shipping

Quality – Crystal clear sound and HD pictures

Ease of use – The system is easy to use

This is how the system works

Equipment for RSI & Virtual meetings

Admin software

Our remote interpretation system is controlled via a special software. Teletech sets this up and makes sure everything is working properly.

Webinterface for remote interpreters, remote participants & remote spakers

Remote interpreters log in via their web browser and can then view speakers and hear audio from the event they are interpreting for. The interpreters interpret via their own microphone (note that as a remote interpreter in Denmark you can work from our professional interpreter booths at Teletech). Remote participants can also use their web browser to sign in and follow the event. Remote speakers also provide their live presentations via this web interface.

Moderator software

For all events, a moderator can be appointed. The moderator can monitor the system continuously and correct any errors made by the interpreters, etc.


The meeting participants use a receiver with headphones. They can select the interpreted languages. Each language has a different channel.


Headphones are used by both delegates and interpreters. They are of good quality and offer great sound quality.

Mobile app

The system also offers that participants can use their mobile phones as receivers via an app. Remote participants can also use this app to follow live presentations from the venue.


If traditional receivers are used, the radiators send the interpretation to the participants. Each channel is shielded, so the sound will be perfect. If traditional receivers are not used, radiators are not necessary.

Interpretation booths

At Teletech remote interpreters can rent space in and work from our professional interpreter booths in our office building. Note that in the case of remote interpretation, no interpretation booths are required at the venue itself.

AV-equipment for streaming

Streaming system

Our system consists of a computer and encoder etc. and offers streams of different qualities and logo / name tags.

Sony Dome Camera

The camera is controlled by a joystick or can auto pan for the active microphone. Broadcast quality.

Sony Joystick

The unit can control one or more dome cameras.

HD camera

We offer several types of video cameras in HD quality. They can be used handheld or on a tripod.

Det siger vores kunder


Magnus Franzén - Marknadschef och vice VD - Språkservice Sverige AB

As a customer, I appreciate Teletech's attitude that everything can be arranged. With Teletech we also know that their professional commitment always work. It gives us security vis-à-vis our own customer.


Kirsten Sehested - Tolkesekretariatet

On behalf of the interpreters, we would like to thank you for the good cooperation. The technical equipment worked perfectly and the technician was very accommodating. Therefore a big Thank You from our customer as a result.


Aase Peerless - Tolk

Thank You. Everything was perfect!

Rent Teletechs system for remote interpretation

Rent Teletechs system for remote interpretation

Contact us today regarding your event

Jesper Nielsen

Head of sales and rentals

Peter Krumbach

Project Manager

Tobias Brask Reuther


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UN COP 18, Doha, Qatar
NATO PA, Prague, Czech Republic
UN COP 11, Convention in
Biological Diversity, Hyderabad, India
FSB, Denmark
UN Food and Agriculture
Organization, Svalbard, Norway
Nato Summit, Bucharest, Romania
Cosac Meeting 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark
European Summit of Regions
& Cities, Denmark
EU Presidency 2012, Denmark
UN COP17, South Africa
UN Global Partnership for
Education, Copenhagen, Denmark
G20 Cannes Summit, France
G8 Summit, Deauville, France
Nato Summit, Sofia, Denmark

Konference i Bella Center, Denmark
ICC, Greenland
Swedish Tax Department, Sweden
European Conference, Denmark
NATO PA, Riga, Latvia
NATO, Tallin, Estonia
UN COP15 - UN Climate
Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark
UN Road to Copenhagen, Barcelona, Spain
Nato PA, Edinburgh, Scotland
IOC, Bella Center, Denmark
Asian Forum, Thailand
Smart Green Growth, Denmark
Dalai Lhama, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dalai Lhama, Bella Center, Denmark
NATO Summit
European Development Days, Sweden
Klima & Energiministeriet, Denmark

Skov & Naturstyrelsen, Denmark
OSCE Head of State, Helsinki, Finland
Autism Conference, Krabbehus, Denmark
CCIB Conference Barcelona, Spain
Primetech, Madrid, Spain
FDE, Stockholm, Sweden
N 21, Budapest, Hungary
10th CEN-SAD Conference,
Cotonou, Benin
World Economic Forum, St.
Petersburg, Russia
SKAT, Denmark

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Two things that ensure a professional solution
CRN consists of professional suppliers of BOSCH conference equipment, AV-equipment and certified technicians worldwide.

We are a founding member and have a good working relationship with the other members, ensuring equipment and quality.

Teletech is an official and certified BOSCH Security Systems Dealer.

This ensures professional advice regarding BOSCH products and the correct rental price.

Working with us means:

Technical project management - how do we get from A - B?

Site inspection - where will the equipment be used?

Project meetings - to cover all details

The right price - a large network secures this

New and professionel equipment - ensures stability

Competent technicians - with years of experience

We rent out professional av-equipment and av-technicians

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